The founder of Ubuntu closes the number one bug and hilarity ensues!
Android needs an Internet connection and iOS doesn't want to give him one.

Number 6: PRISM


When the general public were informed of PRISM which was a  way in which the NSA were secretly monitoring large amounts of data especially from mobile phones networks, some people were outraged. But its all conspiracy theories isn't it?
Sometimes the stars align and everything goes your way.
Windows Phone is just one of the underdogs of the mobile Os market. But that doesn't stop him from dreaming!
Though not technically part of the comic, this was a little side thing created when a user by the name of Lucifer (on mentioned his dislike for kindness.
Actually said by Blackberry CEO! I wonder if it will ever happen?
After a user on mentioned the weird Android logo that the developers made before getting a pro to do it. I decided to create a simple image to see what the other mobile operating systems would say when they found out. This was the inspiration for the comic especially when others seemed to want more like them.

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